• Palace Square Survey

    We have launched a survey for all residents of and visitors to Enfield Town to hear your views of the proposed Palace Square development. The survey is being independently run by Civic Voice. Your views count so please use this option to share them with Civic Voice, the national charity which engages communities with planning issues which affect their lives. The survey closes on 18th March 2021.

    If more than one person wishes to complete the survey from the same household, each person should use a different device. The survey can be completed using a phone, tablet or desktop computer.


The Society’s newsletter, Enfield Society News is published four times a year and sent to all members. Recent issues are available on this web-site in PDF format.  Most modern browsers (like Firefox and Chrome) support this format.

Contributions in the form of articles, photographs, letters to the editor and comments on current issues within the scope of the Society are most welcome, and should be sent to newsletter@enfieldsociety.org.uk. We may not be able to publish everything and we reserve the right to shorten or modify contributions. All items will be attributed to their authors – anonymous items will not be published.

Our next issue, 221 Spring 2021, is expected to be published on 9th February.

Latest issue: 220, Winter 2020

Our lead article gives news about our alternative proposal for Enfield’s Local Studies Archive and Library and our offer to the Council of £20,000. The article by Stephen Gilburt is on Edmonton Green before 1914 and we continue the theme with items on the latest proposals for the area, plus an article from someone who worked for Enfield Council while the area was being developed in the late 60’s. We have featured another self-guided walk, this time between Cuffley and Gordon Hill stations.

Download your copy here.

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