Apply for a grant

The Enfield Society is able to make grants for projects which will further its aims and objectives as a charity. The Society’s object is the conservation and enhancement of the civic and natural environment of the London Borough Enfield and its immediate surrounding area for the public benefit. In particular it aims to

  • Conserve and enhance buildings of architectural quality or environmental interest
  • Defend the integrity of the Green Belt
  • Protect and improve open spaces and views
  • Ensure that new developments are environmentally sound and well designed and take into account the relevant interests of all sections of the community
  • Assist in the preservation of footpaths, commons and rights of way.

Applications will be considered for grants of between £100 and £5,000. Since our resources are limited we prefer not to provide 100 per cent of the cost of a project, and we would encourage applicants to look for additional sources of funding unless they can demonstrate that this is inappropriate in their circumstances.

To make an application, download the application form from one of the following formats, then either post it to us or send it by e-mail. Full details of the submission process is contained in the form. Alternatively, contact us to discuss your proposal if you are not sure about making an application.

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