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    A recording of our webinar held 18th February is available. A second public zoom webinar will take place today at 7pm. (Registration now closed). Speakers at the meeting will include Bambos Charalambous MP (Enfield Southgate) as well as local councillors, John West (the Enfield Society) and Helen Osman (N21 Online).

    Our survey is open for all residents and visitors of Enfield Town to hear your views of the proposed Palace Square development. The survey is being independently analysed by Civic Voice. The survey closes on 18th March 2021.


The Enfield Society promotes the conservation and enhancement of the civic and natural environments of the London Borough of Enfield and its immediate surrounding area, for the public benefit.  We were established in 1936.

Joining the Society costs as little as £5 per person per year. Members receive four colour newsletters per year and you can keep in-touch with our work through our monthly news e-mails.  In normal times we organise an extensive range of guided walks which are usually accessible using public transport. These are free to members, but we welcome non-members who wish to come and try before deciding to join. We have an extensive range of publications for sale which can be ordered through our online store. By joining the Society you will help support our valuable work within the Borough.

Palace Square Enfield: Society steps up campaign

The Society has published 10,000 A5 flyers (above) and is in the process of having them delivered to households in and around Enfield Town to raise awareness of the DWS plan. More details from our Palace Square campaign section.

New proposal for the Archive & Museum

Members of The Enfield Society’s Management Committee outside The Dugdale Centre with copies of the Charity’s alternative proposal
Ever Stronger is the title of The Enfield Society’s new proposal for the Dugdale Centre

On Friday 9th October the Enfield Society published an alternative plan for the Council’s Children & Youth Services which would meet the Council’s objective but at the same time allow the Archive and Museum to remain in their current location. The report can be downloaded from here.

New heritage walk leaflet: Clay Hill and Whitewebbs

The Enfield Society has recently published Heritage Leaflet No.5 covering Clay Hill and Whitewebbs Park. Price £2, including P&P, it is available from our online store.

Jubilee Hall Evening Meetings Organiser

This position is still vacant and without a volunteer we are unable to plan evening talks. This is not an onerous task and the present volunteer, Stephen Gilburt, would be pleased to share his list of the speakers he has used. Contact us for more information.

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