Enfield Chase

A History of Enfield Chase by Martin Paine

This new book builds on the earlier work by David Pam and takes the story up to the present day. Generously illustrated and accessible. 74 pages.

Download the book for screen reading (2.8MB) (PDF)
Download the book for home printing (8.9MB) (PDF)

Martin has recorded three online presentations which you can watch on YouTube:

  1. Introduction: Chases and Forests (14m 49s)
  2. Hunting (16m 15s)
  3. Parks and Places (25m 20s)

The Story of Enfield Chase by David Pam

Celebrated local historian David Pam carried out extensive research on the Chase and the Enfield Preservation Society published The Story of Enfield Chase in 1986. As part of our commitment to a full understanding of its importance, we have had the book digitised and have made it available here (PDF, 166 pages).

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