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Press Release: Enfield Council’s Green Belt plans prioritise unaffordable executive homes
over family homes at social rent, say local campaigners. Issued 17-May-2021. Download a copy here [PDF].

Press Release: Fairview Homes looking for a ‘substantial urban extension’ on Enfield’s Green Belt land. Issued 6-Mar-2021. Download a copy here [PDF].

Press Release: Society offers £20,000 for Dugdale Museum. Issued 21-Oct-2020. Download a copy here [PDF].

Press Release: Palace Square Enfield Town. Issued 16-Oct-2020. Download a copy here [PDF].

Press Release: Society publishes alternative plan for the Dugdale Archive & Museum. Issued 16-Oct-2020. Download a copy here [PDF].

Environment Statement: March 2021

The Enfield Society is often asked if it has a view on a range of environmental measures such as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, pollution controls and traffic calming generally. The object of the Society as set out in its terms of reference as a charity is the conservation and enhancement of the civic and natural environments in the London Borough of Enfield. The Society therefore supports any actions that seek to make Enfield cleaner and greener. For this reason, the Society supports the recent legislation to control emissions from wood and coal burning stoves that account for 38% of particulate matter air pollution in London by preventing the sale of the most heavily polluting stoves from 2022.The Society is represented on the Climate Action Group and the Council’s Environment Forum.

Traffic calming measures, controlled parking zones and other measures aimed to reduce traffic congestion and pollution are often controversial, strongly supported by some residents and opposed by others. Sometimes these matters become political and as a non-political organisation and registered charity, the Society is careful not to become involved in political debate. However, the Society is keen to support any actions that seek to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. A significant proportion of our residents in Enfield do not own a car. Many others want to travel by more sustainable modes of transport, public transport, walking or cycling. We believe that the majority of residents want to see a reduction in air pollution and recognise the effect that this has on the health or all residents, but particularly children. The Society’s Walking Group organises the vast majority of its walks using public transport. The Trees Group seeks to encourage tree planting across the Borough. The Cleaner Neighbourhoods Group works to reduce and remove litter. Our volunteer groups support initiatives some as the Enfield Chase reforestation project.

TfL and public authorities in other major cities around the world recognise that we cannot sustain an ever-increasing dominance of motor vehicles and have concluded that travel by other means must be supported and encouraged. The majority of Society Members that we talk to desire an improved environment, less noise, less pollution, and an improved environment for walking and cycling.

We also believe that cycling is not just the preserve of young people, it should be viewed as an important mode of transport for commuting, going to school, to work and the shops. If you look at old pictures of Enfield up until the 1960s, you will see all sections of the community cycling. If we discourage car use, particularly for short journeys, our air will be cleaner, our health better, the burden on the NHS reduced and deaths/serious injuries on the roads reduced. In the short-term traffic calming on residential roads may lead to increased traffic on main roads and local distributor roads, but evidence shows that this is soon reduced particularly if alternative modes of transport can be used safely such as safe walking routes to school. However the Society will only support schemes where it can be clearly demonstrated that reduced traffic flows in some areas do not significantly increase them elsewhere and are therefore to the environmental detriment of other residents. We also recognise that there will be a small group of people who due to various special needs or disability will need special consideration.

Tall Buildings: March 2020

The Society will oppose planning proposals where the height of a building is excessive for the location and will encourage the Council to develop a tall buildings policy.

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