• Palace Square Survey

    We have launched a survey for all residents of and visitors to Enfield Town to hear your views of the proposed Palace Square development. The survey is being independently run by Civic Voice. Your views count so please use this option to share them with Civic Voice, the national charity which engages communities with planning issues which affect their lives.

    If more than one person wishes to complete the survey from the same household, each person should use a different device. The survey can be completed using a phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Enfield Market and Fair

This article by Stephen Gilburt appeared in Enfield Society News issue 210, Summer 2018. In 2018 Enfield Market celebrates the 400th anniversary of a Royal Charter being granted by James I. Special events will include a Charter Fayre on 20th May, the market beach in July and the opening of… Continue reading

Broomfield House

This article, by Stephen Gilburt, was printed in the Enfield Society newsletter 211, Autumn 2018. Hidden Treasures—revealing Broomfield House and Park is an interesting exhibition which may be seen at the Dugdale Centre, Enfield Town until 6th January 2019. Its has been curated by Stacey Anne Bagdi, from the Museum… Continue reading

Broomfield Conservatory

This article and photographs by Geraldine Anwar was published by The Enfield Society in newsletter 211, Autumn 2018. The Broomfield Park Conservatory is tucked away next to the upper lake. It lies within the walled area of the park close to Broomfield House. Its appearance is Victorian with the typical… Continue reading