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We have opened a Twitter account so that more of you can find us on Social Media. Our page is or @EnfieldSoc Alternatively, click the twitter logo over on the right-hand side of this web-page. Continue reading

Open House 2020

Once again The Enfield Society is supporting Enfield Council’s participation in Open House, which takes place this year between 19th and 27th September. Follow this link for the main site Follow this link to see the 5 buildings open in the London Borough of Enfield Continue reading

Southgate Green

This article by Stephen Gilburt was first published by The Enfield Society in newsletter 219, Autumn 2020. The name Southgate is first found in 1370 and refers to the south gate of Enfield Chase. This was a hunting ground from 1138, owned in turn by the de Mandeville and de… Continue reading