Palace Square Enfield: the Society’s view

The Enfield Society has issued the following press release concerning the proposed development in Enfield Town Centre:

The Enfield Society has looked carefully at the proposals for Palace Gardens shopping centre and had a meeting with the developers on Tuesday 13th October.

We support the need for investment in the Town Centre and believe that many of the proposals including reconfiguring the shopping units to meet current needs, opening up the shopping centre to Church Street and Cecil Road, creating a Town Square, bringing in other activities such as a small cinema and improving the landscaping are all positive developments.

The Society recognises the need to introduce residential use into the Town Centre development to both bring people into the Town and fund the improvements, however we have serious concerns about the proposed height of the landmark block. The Society is completely opposed to the inclusion of a tower block within the development.

The shopping centre forms part of Enfield Town Conservation Area and we believe that a tall building would dominate the historic heart of the Town. The Society believes that a lower rise development would be much more appropriate to the area.

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