Dugdale Archive: The Enfield Society offers £20K for the Museum

The Enfield Society has announced that in support of its new alternative proposal for planned changes at the Dugdale Centre / Thomas Hardy House Ever Stronger: Revising Enfield Council’s Plans on Dugdale Centre/Thomas Hardy House, it is prepared to offer £20,000 in match funding to Enfield Council in order to enhance the displays of the archive and museum on the first floor of the building, if these services remain there.

The Enfield Society’s proposal, still brings Children’s and Youth Services together at Enfield Town but also offers a reduction in planned costs and brings in new investment by providing match funding for a bid to such agencies as the National Lottery Heritage Fund for whom the London Borough of Enfield is currently a priority.

It is a compromise from the vision of Children’s and Youth Services offices in one location (creating instead a large new hub and secondary extension) but the priority here is finding solutions that improve all services, that work within limited resources, and offer the best value for money. There is considerable synergy between the museum and archive which will be lost if the archive moves from the building and considerable costs associated with this move and the museum’s collections relocating to the ground floor, where there is limited space for the permanent displays.

The new proposal paper has been presented to match the Council’s own commitment to ensuring the active, meaningful and continued involvement of local communities and stakeholders. We hope our proposal offers Enfield Council time to pause and reflect on current proposals and start renewed and revised discussions on the issue.

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