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Refuge House to be converted into 76 “studio units”

The Enfield Society has been informed that Refuge House in Enfield Town (between Enfield Town Station and Willow Road, beside the New River) is to be converted into 76 “studio units”.

Better Homes for Enfield say:

Almost all the units are more than a third smaller than the minimum normally allowed. Many of the units will be poorly ventilated, with limited natural daylight and there is no outdoor space. It seems likely that the building will be used to house vulnerable people requiring temporary accommodation.

The units proposed for Refuge House are substantially smaller than the single room units at Brickfield House, another large-scale office conversion. Residents living at Brickfield House complain about noise, not being able to sleep, drug taking, cramped conditions, poor ventilation, overcrowding and cockroaches. There are police notices warning residents about anti-social behaviour and drug use.

Apart from the serious consequences for health and wellbeing, these developments also put pressure on local resources.

We are asking that people object to these plans via the online portal on the Council’s website.

We are also asking that residents email their Councillors to express their objection.

Even though this conversion does not require formal planning consent, Better Homes for Enfield believe that if sufficient local residents object, the Council may be forced to consider the proposal at formal Planning Committee and this could assist in getting the Council to enact an emergency Article 4 direction, which the would allow the Council to halt the conversion.

The Enfield Society will be lodging an objection to the conversion.

You can object to the conversion by using LBE’s on-line planning portal. [Registration is required.]

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