Can you contribute to the History Detectives?

The History Detectives is a heritage app and digital media artwork being created by young people from Enact Youth Club and Orchardside School, in collaboration with digital media artists SDNA. The project is seeking to bring to life the fascinating industrial heritage of the River Lee Navigation. The app will feature key local heritage sites situated close to the canal including Wrights Flour Mill, Enfield Power Station, Royal Small Arms Factory and Gunpowder Mill. Young people aged 12–14 are learning oral history skills to interview older members of their community and capture living memories which help tell the story of the area’s fascinating heritage.

The project is holding a reminiscence session at Enact Youth Club in Enfield Island Village on Saturday 4th December, 11am – 4pm. Young people will conduct the interviews and lunch and cake will be provided. We would love to hear from people who would like to share memories and stories about:

  • The Royal Small Arms Factory – did you work there, or do you know someone who did?
  • Gunpowder Mills – as above
  • Wrights Flour Mill – as above
  • Experiences of WW2, while living in the area
  • General stories and memories which conjure life living by the canal and living in and around the Enfield Lock area through the ages.
  • Stories about the River Lee Navigation and the important role it has played in Enfield’s industry
  • Stories about Enfield’s reputation for innovation and creativity i.e. The Ferguson Factory and creation of the first solid-state colour TV
  • Stories about heritage buildings no longer in existence or being used for a different purpose now i.e.:
    • Police station by Enfield Lock;
    • Water tower in Enfield Island Village
    • Swan Pike Pub
    • The RSAF Church – demolished in 1928
    • Rifles Nightclub

If you have any stories and would like to share and/or attend our Reminiscence Day on Saturday 4th December, please e-mail the project Leader Clare Moloney

History Detectives is part of the Hinterlands arts programme creatively exploring the River Lee Navigation, led by Creative Producer Clare Moloney and conceived by Canal & River Trust. Hinterlands is supported by Arts Council England, National Lottery Heritage Programme, Enfield Society and RSA Trust. More information is available on Facebook @HinterlandsLon

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