Local Studies and Archive: please write to LBE

We are asking our members and the general public to write to the Leader of Enfield Council (Cllr Nesil Caliskan, cllr.nesil.caliskan@enfield.gov.uk), local councillors, the Chief Exec (Ian Davis, ian.davis@enfield.gov.uk) and the Director of Property (Mark Bradbury, mark.bradbury@enfield.gov.uk) asking the Council to consult with us over plans for the Museum, Local Studies Library and Archive.

At the end of June we wrote to the Leader but as of Friday 10th July have not had a reply. That letter has now been sent to all Councillors and the Chief Exec. Please send us a copy of any e-mail you send. You can reach us at info@enfieldsociety.org.uk.

Please consider using some of these points when writing to the Council:

  • Where is the Local Studies Library and Archive going to move to? Will it be accessible by public transport and accessible by those with disabilities?
  • During the move of the museum and archive they will be closed and inaccessible to the public.
  • Fragile museum objects and archival material could be damaged when moved threatening their stability and integrity.
  • There will be costs associated with employing a specialist removal firm to move the collections.
  • What will happen to the temporary exhibition space on the ground floor? This space is vital for a changing exhibition programme as it ensures items from the museum’s stores are seen by members of the public.
  • What will happen to the permanent exhibition space which showcases the history of the borough and used by school visits?
  • When are we going to be consulted on these changes?
  • Moving the museum could lead to loss of accreditation from The Arts Council (the Museum of Enfield is the only accredited museum in the borough), and for movement of the archive loss of accredited status with The National Archive.
  • Loss of accreditation will mean that the Museum and Archive are not eligible for grants from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, NLHF, and other bodies such as the London Museum Development team at the Museum of London.
  • The move of the archive and the museum will affect the ability to meet the ambitious but very commendable and worthwhile Heritage Strategy published by the Council in 2019 and the draft Local Plan.
  • The move of the archive from a central location will mean it is more difficult to address the report of the Enfield Town Consultative Group with its emphasis on heritage in Enfield Town.
  • Considerable costs were incurred by the council when the Local Studies Library and archive were moved from Palmers Green Library in 2008 providing reinforced floors for the purpose-built roller racking for the collections and air conditioning of 16-18c to comply with British Standard 5454.
  • The Museum’s permanent displays on the first floor—the Enfield Life Gallery and People and Places Picture gallery—were created on the first floor in 2012 with show cases containing bandit proof glass and high quality Abloy locks, also at substantial cost.
  • The council recently spent considerable amounts of public money refurbishing Charles Babbage House for Children and Youth Services which will now be sold off.
  • Why did the Council fail to inform affected staff at The Dugdale Centre when it announced the move by e-mail to the rest of Council staff?

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