Open House 2020: your suggestions are wanted

For three decades, Open House has been welcoming people of all backgrounds to share in the history, spaces and fabric of our city.

This year Open House will be a festival of rediscovering the richness of the city after months stuck inside. It will be a celebration of the buildings, parks and places that we’ve all been missing, and we are especially keen to feature the local places and spaces that are important to local communities. This part of the programme would be dedicated to local discoveries: places that only locals know, such as community centres, local clubs, volunteer centres, pubs, local parks and open spaces.

We would be delighted if you would like to propose places which would fit this bill. Best of all would be if you could ask the owners or managers to propose the buildings themselves so they would get onto our database directly: here is the link to make a proposal:

Alternatively we would be delighted to receive any suggestions direct, and we could follow up with the locations—just e-mail us with your ideas.

The Open House festival will be on 19 and 20 September this year. Of course it will have to be a bit different in format from previous years; but we are determined that it should go ahead and we have already received enthusiastic support for the 2020 programme from many buildings which have taken part in the past. We envisage visits being carefully managed so as to keep everyone safe; but we are also expecting to offer virtual tours and online architects’ talks and introductions where possible. You can find
more details about our plan at:

We very much look forward to hearing your suggestions for places we should feature. Thank you in advance for your ideas.

The Open House London Team

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