LBE Consultation: Statement of Community Involvement in Planning

Enfield Council has just launched its consultation on the draft revised Statement of Community Involvement in Planning. This updates the earlier policy agreed in 2015 as a result of changes to planning legislation and sets out how the Council expects to consult on a wide range of planning issues including local plans and individual applications. It also sets out what is expected of developers when they bring forward proposals.

The draft document provides a helpful update of planning procedures. The Society will be responding to the consultation during the 6 week consultation period that ends on 9th April 2020.

We will also use the opportunity to promote the recently published document by the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission Living with Beauty. This also has advice and recommendations on strengthening community involvement. In the light of rapid population growth in the Borough and the need to build new homes, the Society wants new developments to be attractive, high quality and in keeping with their surroundings.

The Council’s draft document can be found on the Enfield website,

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