London’s Secret Canal: The River Lee Navigation


The Lee Navigation from Hertford to the Thames at Bow. By Dr Jim Lewis.

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Jim Lewis’s book takes us on a journey along the River Lee Navigation from its beginnings at Hertford to the Thames at Bow,  linking with the River Lea and the New River on its journey southwards. Along the way he reveals intriguing facts about its history and environment, and the area’s importance to industry and technology.
The second half of the book shines a light on the Lee Valley Regional Park, focussing on the varied string of wildlife habitats along its 26-mile length.
This is an engrossing and informative read for anyone with an interest in history, waterways or the environment, and rightly highlights this under-appreciated and often overlooked asset we have on our doorstep. Even if you think you know the area (myself included), you will learn more from this book, which features plenty of colour photos and maps, making it an ideal companion for a day out.
70pp. Published by Redshank Books