Heritage organisations share concerns over Palace Square proposal

The Enfield Society has seen correspondence between Historic England and the London Borough of Enfield which suggests they have concerns for the current DWS proposals.

The proposals include the provision of tall buildings and it is highly likely that there would be an impact upon the setting of a large number of designated heritage assets around the site and potentially, much further afield. [. . .] At present, we cannot be confident that the potential impacts of the proposals have been fully explored.

Save Britain’s Heritage has also been asked to comment on the plans. They have told the Enfield Society that

We are concerned about the impact the scheme poses on the Enfield Town Conservation Area. I have also watched one of the applicant’s webinars to gain some further insight into what is planned, but they leave much of this vague and are adamant that the 26-storey tower won’t cause any harm! On the basis of this I can certainly see clear reasons for objecting to the plans on heritage grounds and we will certainly be ready to do so once the plans are formalised.

Explore the heritage of the Conservation Area using our interactive map.

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