Major changes planned for St Andrew’s Church and Parish Centre

The Enfield Society has learned that big changes are planned for St Andrew’s Church in Enfield Town, together with the Parish Centre.

The Parish Centre is in need of substantial renovation, estimated to cost £0.5M. Additionally, the church itself is in need of restoration and the Parish wish to see the Church include a 7-day per week Community Building, a Heritage Centre and to transform it into a top class Concert Venue for North London, as well as making it a flexible place to worship. This work is expected to cost over £6M.

Even with grants, the Church must raise a significant amount of money itself and so has entered into a 25-year Lease with a national organisation that will install a Special Educational Needs School in the Centre, specialising in children with autism. The Parish feels this is a desperately needed resource for the local community and will be greatly welcomed.

According to the Parish, this proposal will safe-guard the finances for the future of the Church, restore the Church itself, allow the renovation of the Parish Centre to be completed as release additional money for missions and ministry.

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