• New Proposal for the Dugdale Centre

    The Enfield Society has published an alternative plan for LBE's Children and Youth Services which would accomplish the Council's aims yet keep the Archive and Museum on level 1 at the Dugdale Centre.

    The Society has also offered £20,000 to the Council for the Museum which would be used to enhance the displays.

    On Friday 23rd October we received a reply from Mark Bradbury, Director of Property and Economy.

Treasures Of Enfield


Discovering the buildings of a London borough

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Historic mansions, pubs, churches, public buildings, schools and houses, representing every period from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, are illustrated and described. Most of the borough’s listed buildings are included, together with examples of modern architecture and unexpected oddities. There is a brief account of how each part of the borough developed, with maps to guide the reader round individual areas.

The book was produced with the enthusiastic cooperation of photographers, historians and individuals from all parts of the borough. It demonstrates their pride in Enfield’s history and architectural diversity, and forms a unique record of buildings in the London Borough of Enfield in the year 2000.

Treasures of Enfield: discovering the buildings of a London borough by edited by Valerie Carter. Published by the Enfield Preservation Society, 2000; 192 pages; 25cm; 270 illustrations, 21 sketches, 8 maps. ISBN 0-907318-16-9.

Cover picture: Forty Hall.