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Hadley Road
So-called in 1806 [EA]. It was sometimes known as Barnet Road [Ce 1871].

Halifax Road
Part of the Gordon House Estate. The road seems to have been developed in the early eighteen seventies. It is not listed in the 1871 census. In 1879 there was an outbreak of typhoid in this and adjoining roads. It was named after Sir Thomas Halifax who lived in Chase Side and was mentioned in the Enfield Chase Enclosure Act of 1777. See also Gordon Hill and Gordon Road.

Halstead Road
The first houses were occupied in 1901 [K].

Harman Road
Part of the Cardigan Estate which was developed from 1892. (See under Charles Street.)

Hartington Road
Built by 1896 (0.S.) It was probably named after Spencer Compton Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington, a leading figure in the Liberal governments of 1868-74 and 1880-85. The road was demolished in the mid sixties to make way for the Brigadier Hill Council estate.

Harway Green
Formerly situated off Mill Marsh Lane [TM 1754].

Hawthorn Grove
Part of the Birkbeck Estate which was developed from 1880. Plans for two cottages were submitted in 1884 [RB 19.7.1884].

Heene Road
The first houses were occupied in 1901 [K]. Heene is part of Worthing, Sussex.

Hertford Road
Literally the road to Hertford. Alternative forms were Ware Road [RB 10.5.1870] and Waltham Road [RB 26.7.1872]. It was not ‘officially’ called Hertford Road until 1910 [K]. Before 1910 it was known in its various parts as Enfield Highway, Enfield Wash and Freezywater. In 1572 Enfield Wash was known as Horsepoolstones Street and Enfield Highway was known as Cocksmiths End [S].

High Street
So-called in 1851 [Ce]. It was occasionally referred to as Edmonton Road [Ce 1871].

Hoe Lane
So-called in 1754 [TM]. The eastern end was sometimes known as Magpie Lane and the junction with the Hertford Road known as Magpie Corner [Ce 1871 and R.B. 13.9.1872]. In 1572 it was known as Hoo Lane [S].

Holly Road
Plans for a pair of villas were deposited in 1889 [RB 16.5.1889]. The road is shown partly built on the 1896 O.S.

Holly Walk
So-called in 1851 [Ce]. In 1572 it was known as Church Way [S].

Holmwood Road
Plans for one house were submitted in 1891 [RB 16.7.1891]. The 1896 O.S. shows the road partly built. An auctioneer’s plan of 1862 shows a proposed development approximately on the line of Holmwood Road. It was to be called Nursery Road. It was never built.

Holtwhite Avenue
This road is marked in outline on an auctioneer’s plan of 1897 but is not named. The first houses were occupied in 1903 [K].

Holtwhites Hill
Called Parsonage Lane Road in 1806 [EA]. This name also appears on the 1867 O.S. The present name derives from Thomas Holt White who lived at Chase Lodge which stood on the south side of the road. He died in 1841 and was buried at Harlow, Essex.

Horse Shoe Lane
So-called in 1851 [Ce]. The name is derived from the Crown and Horseshoes P.H.

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