• New Proposal for the Dugdale Centre

    The Enfield Society has published an alternative plan for LBE's Children and Youth Services which would accomplish the Council's aims yet keep the Archive and Museum on level 1 at the Dugdale Centre.

    The Society has also offered £20,000 to the Council for the Museum which would be used to enhance the displays.

    On Friday 23rd October we received a reply from Mark Bradbury, Director of Property and Economy.

London’s Lea Valley: Home of Britain’s Growing Food and Drink Industry


The Lea Valley has a long tradition of food manufacturing, while in recent years it has seen a marked increase in the manufacture, development and distribution of food and drink products within the region.

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Thirty-two essays split into three sections covering the connections between food and drink manufacturing and London’s Lea Valley. Section 1 contains 7 essays about food manufacturing that has disappeared; section 2 has 11 essays about historic manufacturing still with us today, while section 3 contains 14 essays about relatively recent newcomers to the Lea Valley.

Generously illustrated and with a wealth of facts and stories.

ISBN 978-1-912969-07-4. Published 2019 by Redshank Books. 144 pages, 297mmx210mm, soft cover.