Palace Square: what residents tell us

We have started to process the returns from over 300 paper surveys which the Society posted to members without Internet access. Here is a selection of some of the comments we have had back:

  • To build six hundred flats in our historic, pleasant and unique shopping centre is grotesque, unimaginable and an absolute tragedy.
  • When I came to Enfield in 1959 Enfield was a lovely Market Town now they want to spoil it.
  • If the proposed scheme were to be effected, the site would become an abomination.
  • Enfield originally was a beautiful and historic market town and this should be considered before implementing the disgraceful proposed new development.
  • This is an entirely inappropriate scheme for the conservation area and out of character with Enfield as a whole.
  • This scheme is based on making a large profit by renting flats and building multi-storey buildings.
  • Enfield Town needs redevelopment that is in keeping with the surrounding conservation area, not the proposed development.
  • We don’t have the infrastructure to deal with a big influx of people. Parking is a at a premium and the idea that public transport will provide all their needs is a myth.
  • There are too many flats; towers are too high; areas will become “no-go” areas at night; not in keeping with the area.
  • A very tall tower in the centre of the town is unlikely to look great.
  • Making them all rent only will not build any sense of community.
  • Suspect the outrageous plans were designed with the intention of moderating them so that it looks as if they are making concessions.
  • Horrendous! No more high rise flats – PLEASE!!
  • As Prince Charles might say “it looks like a carbuncle on a well loved face” – meaning high rise tower bloc on this occasion.
  • Mrs Thatcher would most probably say “No! No! No!”

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