• Palace Square

    A recording of our webinar held 18th February is available. A second public zoom webinar will take place today at 7pm. (Registration now closed). Speakers at the meeting will include Bambos Charalambous MP (Enfield Southgate) as well as local councillors, John West (the Enfield Society) and Helen Osman (N21 Online).

    Our survey is open for all residents and visitors of Enfield Town to hear your views of the proposed Palace Square development. The survey is being independently analysed by Civic Voice. The survey closes on 18th March 2021.

Palace Square: what residents tell us

We have started to process the returns from over 300 paper surveys which the Society posted to members without Internet access. Here is a selection of some of the comments we have had back:

  • To build six hundred flats in our historic, pleasant and unique shopping centre is grotesque, unimaginable and an absolute tragedy.
  • When I came to Enfield in 1959 Enfield was a lovely Market Town now they want to spoil it.
  • If the proposed scheme were to be effected, the site would become an abomination.
  • Enfield originally was a beautiful and historic market town and this should be considered before implementing the disgraceful proposed new development.
  • This is an entirely inappropriate scheme for the conservation area and out of character with Enfield as a whole.
  • This scheme is based on making a large profit by renting flats and building multi-storey buildings.
  • Enfield Town needs redevelopment that is in keeping with the surrounding conservation area, not the proposed development.
  • We don’t have the infrastructure to deal with a big influx of people. Parking is a at a premium and the idea that public transport will provide all their needs is a myth.
  • There are too many flats; towers are too high; areas will become “no-go” areas at night; not in keeping with the area.
  • A very tall tower in the centre of the town is unlikely to look great.
  • Making them all rent only will not build any sense of community.
  • Suspect the outrageous plans were designed with the intention of moderating them so that it looks as if they are making concessions.
  • Horrendous! No more high rise flats – PLEASE!!

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