Merryhills Way


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The Merryhills Way is a short footpath at just over 2km (1¼ miles) running from Trent Park in the West to Fairview Road (off the Ridgeway) in the East. It gets its name from following the Merryhills Brook between Trent Park and the mid-way point.

It is an easy path to walk, gently undulating, and gives glorious views over pastureland to the North. At the eastern end, just before the path enters a wooded area, there is a wide view across farmland towards Oakwood and Cockfosters. There are good public transport links at either end of the route.

In summer the path is dry and an easy walk, but it can become very muddy in the winter or prolonged wet weather.

July 2021: The area through which the path runs is now under threat from housing development which is proposed in the Draft Local Plan. Please help us protect this area by completing our Merryhills Way Survey.

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The route

We are aware of concern by local landowners and tenant farmers about trespassing on the area to the north and east of the Merryhills Way. Please do not leave the official route described here.

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Merryhills Way begins on the eastern boundary of Trent Park. To reach the start point, find the footpath in Enfield Road (A) which is roughly halfway between Lakeside bus stop and the Equestrian Centre. The footpath joins a wider track used by horses and drops down to Merryhills Brook. Just before the track cross the Brook, turn right and cross by a footbridge, then turn right again (B) to begin your walk.

Looking west from the link path to Trentwood Side (map point C). [Photo: Andrew Lack]

After ¾km (just under ½ mile) (C) there is a link path to Trentwood Side, which crosses Merryhills Brook and follows an easterly, then more southerly direction.

Merryhills Way crosses Camp Road at map point D. Turn south (right in the view) to return to Slades Hill. [Photo: Andrew Lack]

At D the path crosses Camp Road and walkers can leave the Merryhills Way and walk down to Enfield Road for refreshment at the Jolly Farmers or buses towards Enfield or Oakwood.

The area to the north of this point is historically interesting as it was the site of an anti-aircraft battery during the Second World War. We ask all walkers to please keep to the public right of way and not to trespass into this area, or any other field alongside the route.

After Camp Road pass through a kiss-gate beside a metal barrier, walk along the farm road and bear right off the road after about 30 yards (look for a second kiss-gate). The path then joins Salmons Brook until it crosses by a brick bridge at E.

Bridge over Salmons Brook (map point E). [Photo: Andrew Lack]

The path then continues on the easterly bank of Salmons Brook until the next field boundary, when it turns east and climbs round the field to a entrance into the wood (F). From here a fine view over the farmland can be enjoyed before the short distance through the woods to reach the end at Fairview Road (G). Continue straight up Fairview Road to reach The Ridgeway.

View across to Oakwood and Cockfosters (map point F). [Photo: Andrew Lack]
End of Merryhills Way in Fairview Road (map point G). [Photo: Andrew Lack]

Way-point distances

Approximate distances based on the OS 1:25000 map and an approximate conversion of 1.6km to the mile.

Map way-pointWest to east East to west
B01.25m (2km)
C0.45m (0.73km)0.8m (1.29km)
D0.725m (1.16km)0.54m (0.86km)
E0.92m (1.47km)0.34m (0.55km)
F1.125m (1.8km)0.125m (0.2km)
G1.25m (2km)0

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Public Transport

Lavender Hill
Rail: Gordon Hill Station (Great Northern)
Bus stop Hardy Way: 125 (towards Chase Farm Hospital); W8 (towards Chase Farm Hospital); W9 (towards Chase Farm Hospital).

The Ridgeway
Bus stop Draper’s Road (towards Enfield): 313 (towards Chingford Station);
Bus stop Draper’s Road (towards Chase Farm Hospital): 313 (towards Potters Bar).

Enfield Road (for Camp Road)
Bus stop Links Side (towards Enfield): 121 (towards Enfield Island Village), 307 (towards Brimsdown);
Bus stop Links Side (towards Oakwood): 121 (towards Turnpike Lane), 307 (towards Barnet Hospital).

Enfield Road (for the western end of the Path)
Bus stop Lakeside (towards Enfield): 121 (towards Enfield Island Village), 307 (towards Brimsdown);
Bus stop Lakeside (towards Oakwood): 121 (towards Turnpike Lane), 307 (towards Barnet Hospital).

Oakwood Station
Underground: Piccadilly Line
Bus stop Oakwood Station A (towards Enfield): 377 (towards Ponders End);
Bus stop Oakwood Station B (towards East Barnet or Southgate): 121 (towards Turnpike Lane), 307 (towards Barnet Hospital);
Bus stop Oakwood Station/Chase Road C (towards Enfield): 121 (towards Enfield Island Village), 307 (towards Brimsdown), 377 (towards Ponders End).

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In January 2008 The Western Enfield Residents’ Association, submitted a claim for a public right of way to local landowners for three footpaths across land belonging to Vicarage Farm, The London Diocesan Fund (Track from the Jolly Farmers) and the Woods to the West of Fairview Road.

Forty two local residents completed “Public Right of Way Evidence Forms” stating they had walked unchallenged and openly across all or sections of the paths over a period of twenty years.

On 25th Sept 2008 the claim was approved at an Enfield Council Planning Committee meeting. The next step in the process, approval by the Secretary of State, failed on a technicality as the proposed path was shown in the wrong colour on the map!

The Council then decided it would be easier to reach an agreement with the land owners for creation of the three footpaths and eventually in November 2010 permission was gained for way-markers and kiss gates to be installed. The work was completed by volunteers from the Enfield Society and Groundforce in April 2011 with The Enfield Society paying for the way-markers.

On 14th May 2012 the agreement order for the three footpaths was signed. However, it was not until 6th June 2018 that the Council’s legal department eventually signed off all the documents on the legal agreement of the footpaths becoming public rights of way.

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