Join or renew membership

We’re sorry but we have had to remove our online membership form due to abuse by spammers.

If you wish to renew your subscription for 2020, you may pay with one of the following options:

  • cheque made payable to The Enfield Society for £5 per person. Drop or post your cheque into us at Jubilee Hall (2 Parsonage Lane, Enfield EN2 0AJ). Please make sure you include your name and address.
  • online banking, £5 per person, to account 50363820, sort-code 20-29-77. Please use your name and postcode for the payment reference.

Once you have renewed, send us a message to to let us know you have renewed.

Please also note that due to illness our Membership Secretary and Treasurer are not able to handle renewals as quickly as in previous years.

We are considering a number of options in order to provide online renewals and joining again, but these all take time to implement. Please accept our apologies.

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