The Enfield Society

Special interest groups

Architecture and planning group
- monitors local planning applications, development plans and traffic schemes in a constructive attempt to promote good architecture and design.
Cleaner neighbourhoods group
- attempts to make a difference by organising volunteers to clean up some of the locations throughout the borough where the need is greatest.
Edmonton group
- The Group has concentrated on improving the parks, recreation grounds and other open spaces in Lower and Upper Edmonton. The planting of trees in Golden Jubilee Park, Jubilee Park, Montagu Recreation Ground and, most recently, the Florence Hayes Children’s Adventure Playground has been funded by the Enfield Society. Donations have been given to the restoration funds for two listed buildings, All Saints Church and the Charity School Hall in Church Street, Edmonton, which are on English Heritage’s Buildings at Risk Register. The Heritage Trail information boards in that area are to be replaced at the expense of the Society.
Footpaths and open spaces group
- conducts weekend and mid-week walks; makes recommendations for new paths.
Heritage at risk group
- researches and develops ways of protecting Enfield's built and green environment and preparing an Enfield Society Heritage strategy.
Historic buildings group
- stimulates appreciation of Enfield's architectural heritage; makes recommendations for the listing and preservation of local buildings.
Press and publicity group
- organises exhibitions, stands at local shows, EPS meetings, publications, coach outings and social events.
Records and research group
- captures the changing face of Enfield in written and photographic records; collects archive material; maintains the Society's Web site.
Trees group
- plants trees, promotes sponsored planting schems, recommends trees for preservation.

If you wish to know more about the work of any of these groups, get in touch with the appropriate person, as listed on the contacts page. Details of each group's activites in the past year are given in the Society's annual report.

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