• Annual General Meeting
    Our AGM will be held at 8pm on Thursday 13th June at Jubilee Hall. Full details. . .

Heritage Walk: Historic Edmonton

Our heritage walks are an opportunity to explore parts of our Borough’s heritage on foot.

A walk along the conservation area of Church Street Edmonton with visits to All Saints Church and Lamb’s Cottage. The vicar of All Saints will provide a guided tour and there will be an opportunity to visit the inside of Lamb’s Cottage.

Free to members of The Enfield Society. Apply for tickets by sending your name and address, together with a stamped addressed envelope, to Heritage Walks, Enfield Society, Jubilee Hall, 2 Parsonage Lane, Enfield EN2 0AJ. Alternatively, apply for tickets by e-mail to events@enfieldsociety.org.uk. As spaces are limited for this walk, there is a maximum of 4 tickets per applicant.

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