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The Society has a discussion list, EnfieldSociety, for the discussion of its activities, what it is doing, what it should be doing, and anything concerning the amenities of Enfield, past, present and future, as a place to live in, work in, visit and enjoy.

Although primarily intended for members of the Society as a means of communication with each other and with the Council of Management, the list is open to anyone interested in any of the Society's aims or other related matters, including people with Enfield connections who now live elsewhere. To join, just write your email address in the following box and click the "Click here to join" button. You can find more about the list, how it works and the options you can use to customise it to your needs, on the site of Yahoo! Groups, the system on which we run it.

The list is moderated, so irrelevant and inappropriate messages will not be distributed. The Enfield Society Council of Management has decided that messages will not be accepted for posting to the discussion group from people whose identity is unknown. We strongly prefer that messages should be signed with members' real names, but if there are good reasons for wishing to remain anonymous messages will be posted without names so long as a real name and address have been supplied to the group moderator. This may be done in an email message to

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