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    Our AGM will be held at 8pm on Thursday 13th June at Jubilee Hall. Full details. . .


Finding Nemon @ Jubilee Hall
Jun 25 @ 10:30 am

Talk by Lady Aurelia Young.  Oscar Nemon (1906 – 1985) is one of the twentieth century’s greatest sculptors, responsible for iconic portraits of elder statesmen and major figures displayed all over the world. He was a flamboyant personality who charmed those who came into contact with him, including towering figures such as Winston Churchill, Sigmund Freud and Queen Elizabeth II along with countless politicians and celebrities. His daughter Aurelia will talk to us about her father’s life from humble origins as a Jew in (what is now) Croatia to his refuge from the Nazis in southern England, the career of this often infuriating yet charismatic man and his artistic and personal encounters with presidents, prime ministers, royalty and others. The Queen nicknamed him the ‘missing Oscar’ and he became the subject of the only attempt at sculpture by his friend Churchill, who in turn posed for many likenesses by Nemon including a monumental bronze in the House of Commons.

The Mayan Trail @ Jubilee Hall
Sep 16 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Talk by Anne Johnson and John Wallington.  Experience the Spanish Colonial influence and the Majan Heritage through views of local culture and archaelogical sites in the Guatemala and Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.

Memories of Chase Farm: Part 2, the Hospital @ Jubilee Hall
Sep 24 @ 10:30 am

Talk by Frank Bayford.  Frank was Pharmacist at Chase Farm Hospital before retiring. This talk will carry on from part 1, (the Schools), relating how Chase Farm became a hospital during the war years, and its time as a busy General Hospital afterwards. Frank will talk about the hospital in the first half of the talk and then show slides.

The story of Gilbert & Sullivan @ Jubilee Hall
Oct 21 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Talk by Nick Dobson illustrated with slides and songs from live performances.

Northern Vietnam Plus—Hanoi to Chang Rai @ Jubilee Hall
Oct 29 @ 10:30 am

Talk by Anne and John Wallington. This talk will feature the people, places and culture found on a journey from Hanoi in North Vietnam, through Laos to Chang Rai in Thailand.

The surburban home front in the Second World War @ Jubilee Hall
Nov 18 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Talk by Mike Brown and illustrated with artifacts, ration books, uniforms and clothes.

Every Contact leaves a Trace @ Jubilee Hall
Nov 26 @ 10:30 am

Talk by Chris Truran. Chris joined the Metropolitan Police in 1975 and worked as a Scenes of Crimes Officer (SOCO), working in central, north and north west London for over 38 years. Chris examined over 25,000 crime scenes ranging from shop-lifting to murder. Last year Chris spoke to us about the development of fingerprint and DNA technologies. In this second talk he will cover the first use of physical trace evidence in France in 1888 to trap a murderer which marks the birth of the use of Forensic Science in crime detection. The talk will cover the Soham murders of schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman and the kidnap and murder of Sarah Payne.

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