Planting of the COVID ‘living memorial’ started

After months of planning the first spade finally went into the ground on Friday March 18th to start the Enfield Living Memorial in Enfield Town Park. Initial hopes had to involve sections of the public in planting was hindered by the uncertainties with COVID and the necessity to plant before April growth started in the trees. Capel Manor College were already assisting and have now stepped in lock, stock, spade, and wheelbarrow to make it happen. Finally, with students and staff help and a huge effort, the heart of trees is starting to grow around.

Work is now starting on a sculptural artwork for its centre and the steering group working on the project is planning an open day for the public later in the year. The project is being supported and funded through a variety of sources including public donations and has now reached over three quarters of its necessary goal. Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so through the Go Fund Me page. More details of the project can be found online at

The living memorial on 31st March 2022. [Andrew Lack]
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