Why building on the Green Belt is unnecessary and a huge mistake

The London Borough of Enfield has added 28 Green Belt sites to its Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. The Enfield Society, together with Enfield RoadWatch, Enfield Climate Action Forum and Better Homes for Enfield have released Enfield’s Green Belt is at Risk, which provides detailed arguments for removing these sites.

Among the Green Belt sites targeted for destruction are:

  • Green Belt land in Upper Edmonton which is essential to providing a new park for residents that will play an important part in the well-being of local communities in Edmonton, in an area already deprived of green space.
  • Eight horticulture nurseries in Crews Hill, which campaigners say should be saved to provide local jobs and locally produced food.
  • Several large areas of productive farmland, vital for local food production at a time of food insecurity and climate emergency.

Download the report here [PDF]

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