Enfield Council reject Southgate Office Village planning application

Image courtesy Southgate District Civic Voice

Members of the Planning Committee have voted unanimously to refuse planning permission for the scheme at the Planning Committee held Tuesday 23rd June. This was against the Officers’ recommendations to approve the scheme.

There was considerable opposition to the proposal and it is interesting to note that the weight of opposition clearly influenced Committee Members.

A site visit took place the weekend prior to the Committee date when Members visited two homes that would be under the shadow of the towers. While residents were not allowed to lobby Members during that visit, seeing the site made a difference.

The Society objected to the proposal and we raised our concerns about the height with both the Leader and the Director of Place. We also provided a grant to Southgate District Civic Voice who fought a long campaign against the proposal. Clearly these factors all helped.

You can also find this story reported in the Enfield Dispatch.

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