Members voice anger at plans for 100 Church Street

Following the publication of our news on Wednesday about the proposed development of the old Metaswitch building next to the New River, many members have written to The Society to voice anger and concern for the design of the new block.

Impression of the finished design. [Taken from the exhibition document.]

Some of the comments received so far include:

The need for affordable housing should not determine the height of the building…the whole development should be no more than 3 stories to enable it blend in with the surrounding buildings and landscape

Much too high and intrusive for this site. Will destroy views and openness at this end of the Town

This large scheme is not suited for Enfield Town centre

I have concerns that the scheme will be detrimental to the conservation
area & town centre

Diagram showing height and size of the blocks. [Taken from the exhibition document.]

You can obtain a copy of the exhibition document from here. [PDF, 48.5MB]

If you wish to let us know how you feel about this plan, contact us by e-mail. Our Architecture and Planning Group will be making detailed observations to the developer and we will include your comments.

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